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About the Book

book cover of clean, green and blue: singapore's journey towards environmental and water sustainability

"Clean, Green and Blue: Singapore's Journey Towards Environmental and Water Sustainability" traces how Singapore has arrived at the good environment it enjoys today. However, rather than just recording chronologically the key milestones in its environmental history, the book attempts to highlight the policy considerations, constraints and trade-offs in each area of the environment, explain how decisions were made, and discern the key learning points.


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Preface by Mr Tan Yong Soon

I wanted to produce a book to explain how Singapore came to choose the environmental path it did. Not just what we did, but how we made our calculations and reached our decisions. And through reflecting on the past, I wanted to synthesize the principles that would lead us forward into the future.


Advance Praise for Clean, Green and Blue

I welcome this book as an inspiring how-to guide for any city seeking to improve its environment - the book shows that investment in environment sustainability can indeed be fully compatible with economic growth.

Dr Margaret Chan
Director-General, World Health Organisation


Where to purchase

Clean, Green and Blue is available at the following stores:

You can also purchase the book online via the ISEAS website.