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Press Release
Singapore Pavilion wins Silver Award for Theme Development at EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea

Date Published: 12 Aug 2012

1.   The Singapore Pavilion at EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea (Yeosu Expo) has received the Silver Award for Theme Development at the Expo 2012 Official Participants Awards organised by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE).

2.   The awards are given to the participants based on their interpretation of and contribution towards the Expo theme “The Living Ocean and Coast”. All 104 participating pavilions were ranked based on two criteria: Creative Display and Theme Development. Pavilions were divided into four categories according to their type and size of exhibition space. Category B Pavilions, which Singapore falls under, are 2 to 3 modules of self-built pavilions. The judging panel, comprising eight distinguished judges –each a prominent figure with expertise in the area of world expositions, architecture, and museum design and exhibitions –picked the Singapore Pavilion as the Silver Award winner from 24 participating countries in the same category.

3.   Since its official opening in May this year, the Singapore Pavilion has attracted and welcomed close to 1 million visitors. It has also been consistently ranked by the Korean and international media as one of the most popular and ‘must-see’ pavilions during the Yeosu Expo. In an exhibit-design competition hosted by EXHIBITOR magazine, a trade show organisation based in the United States, the Singapore Pavilion was named the Winner in the category of Best Activity/Interactive and also ranked among the top 20 pavilions for the People’s Choice Award.

4.   The Singapore Pavilion, with the theme “Paradox-ity: City of Contrast”, is inspired by the creative contrasts within the island city-state. It conveys how Singapore balances growth and development with environmental sustainability through four main content segments –creative waste management, integrated urban planning, nature conservation and holistic water management –as well as coordinated displays of audio visuals, interactive exhibits, daily live performances and hands-on thematic activities.

5.   The core consideration in designing the visitor experience of the Singapore Pavilion, which is housed in an exhibition hall with a footprint of 712 square metres, was to return to the basics of a tactile and theatrical journey as a mean of storytelling. A circulatory ramp layout was used to allow visitors to journey through a continuous and immersive exhibition space that narrates how Singapore embarked on its sustainable development journey to create a high-density liveable city that is nestled in a network of soothing green gardens and calming waterways.

6.   Tactile exhibits such as a 14-metre long artistically composed wall made of recycled artifacts gave visitors an opportunity to interact with the displays while inspiring them to look beyond the dirty nature of waste to see its beauty and potential. Exhibits were also brought to life using colours, lighting and interactive multimedia platforms, appealing to visitors’ basic senses of sight, sound, touch and smell. Completing the storytelling were 21 student guides from Singapore stationed throughout the pavilion to share anecdotes of the exhibits in Korean, English and Chinese. To round up the experience, visitors also enjoyed daily live dance performances, monthly thematic hands-on activities, as well as authentic Singapore food at the Food and Beverages kiosk.

7.   The multi-agency project committee is led by the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources. Commissioner of Section for the Singapore Pavilion, Mr Eng Tiang Sing said, “Singapore Pavilion’s success is made possible by the hard work and support from the various Singapore government agencies involved, Pico Art International, staff of the Singapore Pavilion, sponsors and members of the community who co-created the exhibits of the pavilion. We are very grateful for the tireless efforts of many of our staff who have strived to bring the best experience to our visitors throughout the expo. It is extremely encouraging to receive the Silver Award as recognition of our efforts and above all, hear heartwarming compliments from the many visitors to our pavilion.”

8.   The Yeosu Expo closes on 12 August 2012.

12 AUGUST 2012


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