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EE and RC reports

We have recently conducted two studies to find out what motivates or inhibits energy efficiency and recycling within households.

Download our reports to read more about our findings.
Household Recycling Report (pdf, 4.48mb).
Household Energy Efficiency Report (pdf, 4.94mb).

Forging a Greener Tomorrow: Singapore’s environmental journey from slum to eco-city

In conjunction with its 40th anniversary, the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources has released a book that tells the story of how Singapore was transformed from a third world slum to a first world eco-city. Through the use of colourful graphics of the island’s landscape and anecdotes from key personalities, the book aims to be an engaging and visually appealing read, while sharing the considerations in the management of our environment and water resources.

“Clean, Green and Blue: Singapore’s Journey Towards Environmental and Water Sustainability” sets out Singapore’s journey towards a good, clean, living environment. The book highlights the policy considerations, constraints and trade-offs in each area of the environment, offering insights as to how key decisions were made, and the learning points that can be drawn from them.

Contains info on steps PUB has taken towards water production, treatment and conservation.

Contains info on NEA’s major initiatives and efforts. Also includes financial report for the past fiscal year.

Get the latest news and information on PUB here.

Download materials on climate change, energy conservation, recycling and more.

Download guidelines on pest control, waste minimisation, recycling, hygiene and more.

The first and only water-themed lifestyle magazine that offers quick reads with a unique, water-focused perspective

A bi-annual technical publication showcasing NEA’s environmental management strategies
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