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12 Feb 2014

The Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB) was released in 2009. Five years on, we are reviewing and updating the SSB to take into account the latest developments in Singapore and abroad.

In this context, the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) has initiated a three-month long national conversation to understand the values of Singaporeans and redefine the vision for our environmental future ( We encourage you to share your thoughts with the SEC. The SEC’s findings will be useful input to the SSB review which will be released at the end of the year.

Please visit this website again soon for the latest updates on our review!

What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development for Singapore means growing our city state in a way that:

  • Is efficient: we develop with fewer resources and less waste
  • Is clean: we develop without polluting our environment
  • Is green: we develop while preserving greenery, waterways and our natural heritage

This way, we ensure that Singapore can enjoy both economic growth and a good living environment for ourselves, and for future generations.

What We Can Do

“When you use less electricity and water, waste less and choose cleaner ways to travel, you save money and protect the environment too”
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“Companies save money when they use less energy and water and reduce unnecessary packaging.”
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“The Government will walk the talk, make our public services more efficient, and promote environmental awareness.”
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Download the Blueprint (2009)

The Sustainable Singapore Blueprint contains the strategies and initiatives we believe are needed for Singapore to achieve both economic growth and a good living environment over the next two decades.
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